How To Write An Effective Thesis Statement


What is thesis statement? How to write statement of the problem in thesis? As PhD graduates, you will certainly come across these questions. A Thesis statement is the essence of a thesis paper briefed into one or two sentences. The entire thesis paper revolves around the thesis statement. The analyses you include and the arguments you make in the thesis paper are founded on the best thesis statement.

Most universities demand their students to write a thesis statement. Even if you are not required to write it as part of your law Phd thesis, writing a thesis statement is really helpful as it can serve as a good mental exercise. The purpose of thesis statement is to summarise the entire thesis paper into one or two sentences. When you do this, you will learn how to evaluate your thesis paper and understand it through and through.

A well prepared thesis statement will help you elaborate your thesis paper during the PhD viva. It helps the readers get a general picture of the topic and they can stay focused while reading through your thesis paper. It will also help you improve your ability to summarise a complicated idea or topic. Find out how to write an effective thesis statement below.

Tips for writing the thesis statement

To write your thesis statement effectively and meaningfully, you would need to have an in-depth knowledge about your topic and the references you make in it. To start with, the first step in writing a thesis statement is to learn how to make answerable questions about your topic. Once you have chosen the best thesis topics, prepare a lot of questions about it and try to answer them from your own perspective. You can borrow the ideas of experts who have researched on your topic. However, they should be included only as a way to support your arguments not as your own arguments. The purpose of thesis statement is to question something new, something that has not been touched yet.

When to write the thesis statement?

People seem to be divided on their opinion about when to write the thesis statement. Some say that it should be written at first while others say that it should be written at last. It seems to benefit the writer in either ways. As mentioned earlier, in order to write the best thesis statement, you should have a thorough knowledge about your thesis topic and the arguments you are making it. Writing the thesis statement first will help you stay focused while writing the thesis paper. However, it is okay to modify the thesis statement in the end in order to suit it perfectly with the thesis body.

The entire thesis paper is controlled by your thesis statement. There should not be any paragraph or points in the thesis that sounds contradictory to the thesis statement. In case you happen to come across any such points, either omit them or change your thesis topic. Evaluating a few international law thesis papers and thesis statement examples will be helpful to you in this regard.